Technical Data

Technical Specifications Summary


The complete CSIRO Test Report is provided for download below this table.  Please be warned that this report is about 100 pages long. Summaries of the findings can however be downloaded in the Technical Resources subsections listed on the left.


Acoustic Rating Hollow: Rw + Ctr 37
Core-filled: Rw + Ctr 50
Composite Wall: Rw 57
Thermal Rating
(R value)
Benex Wall: 0.52
Composite Wall: 2.5+
BRANZ – EC1310
Fire Rating Benex Hollow Wall: 240/240/180 CSIRO – 2042
Compressive Strength 4.92Mpa Tested By CSIRO to AS – 3700-2001
Salt Attack Resistant Tested By CSIRO to AS-NZS/ 4456.10:2003
Mortar Additive for BASE Course Required if wall is to be water impervious Krystol by Kryton Intl.
Water Resistance Rating Impervious ASTM – 51406 – CSIRO
Additional Tanking Not required  
Waterproof Render Not required  
Minimum Excavation Clearance 100mm at the rear of retaining wall required  
Control Joints 8m max - High-grade polyurethane expansion adhesive recommended  
Built Wall Heights 10m max  
Wash Out Not required  
Load Bearing Yes  
Architectural Finish Yes  
Render Finish Not required  
Weight/m² of Wall Hollow: 109kg
Core-filled: 355kg
Trades Required to Build Wall 1  
Fixings Minimum requirement for fixing direct to Benex is a type 17/14 gauge screw with a minimum class 3 or 4 coating CHLE – Test Certificate 3243