Installation Videos

Setting Up Base Layer and Leveling
Once the first course is completed, Benex blocks are very fast to install by almost anyone.
String Line
Whilst not entirely essential, the use of a string line will assist in detecting any alignment problems.
Building Wall
Benex blocks will simply interlock over each other. Almost anyone can achieve a first class job.
Block Cutting and Rasping
Blocks are usually cut with a wet saw. However, hand saws and hole saws may be used for cross-cuts and penetrations.
Odd Shapes
Benex blocks can be easily trimmed around almost any shape.
Fixing Door Jambs
Door jambs are fixed easily with standard tek screws.
Cladding; Plasterboard
Standard timber or steel battens can be secured to the Benex wall quickly and easily.
Rendering of the completed wall requires standard rendering techniques and products.
Galvinised Inserts
Our patended, galvinised bond beam plates make it easy to install a bond beam anywhere in a wall.