Company Vision

We believe that having a clear vision of the future and a strong values set to guide our actions we can grow our business to become a substantial player in the global building materials market.


Benex strives to be a company of choice.


  • Customers choose our products because they are the benchmark for basements, Intertenancy, retaining and fire walls.
  • Employees choose to work for us.
  • Shareholders choose to invest in us.

At Benex, we have built our reputation on our strong guiding values.

  • Customer Focus
    We are aiming to be the easiest business our customers do business with. We will to set the standards for customer service and communication. We want to be the choice for customers wanting to find solutions for basement, firewall and retaining walls.

  • New Thinking
    We lead the thinking in generating lightweight masonry products that are versatile and easy to use. We find new ways to give builders freedom so that they can be more in control of their projects.

  • It Is Up to Us
    This is an attitude that purveys all of our workforce. We don’t wait to be told there is a problem, we take action and are solution centred, always with our stakeholders at top of mind.

  • We Care
    Our products fill the foundations and provide the support for our customers dreams. We are proud that we were selected to help fulfil our customers dreams and work hard to bring those dreams to reality.