Benex is a lightweight masonry product with a self-aligning patented design which enables any builder, semi-skilled or trades person to be able to quickly learn and become competent in its installation.


If you are a builder who wants to take control of all aspects of construction and have the flexibility of achieving a masonry built product using the whatever trades people you have access to then Benex is your logical choice.

Installation Assistance

Benex offers a Technical Officer on site, for your initial projects that require over 200m² of product, to establish the works and conduct initial training as required. This service will ensure that our product is installed as per our specifications.


If you require a Benex Installer for your project then Benex will pass your information onto an Installer in your area, who will then quote on the project and deal with you directly.


If you require the service of a Technical Officer on site, please inform the Benex Sales Manager when you submit your order.