Benex Block System Overview

Benex Block System excels in the construction of retaining, basement, intertenancy and fire wall solutions delivering a lightweight masonry solution that is a heavyweight when it comes to performance.

Our products were developed in Australia for Australian conditions using a product mix which combines sand, cement and expanded polystyrene to deliver a solid, yet lightweight, architecturally finished masonry product which in turn delivers high thermal and acoustic performance.

Benex is a unique combination of a patented inter-locking block design. The patented interlocking design was created so that this product could be easily installed by multitude of trades or semi-skilled people providing builders with flexibility on the job site.

Benex is the only masonry product on the market today that is both water impervious and 4 hour fire rated without the addition of any other treatment saving you both time and money.


Benex is an innovative, cost effective, versatile wall construction system.