Commercial Solutions

Benex is a cost competitive solution for high performance walls in commercial construction.


Benex, with its superior acoustic, thermal and fire rated properties, can solve numerous performance challenges which traditionally would have required complex and costly composite wall solutions involving multiple suppliers and trades to coordinate.

Building time and complexity is reduced when you choose Benex. Basements don’t require tanking and excavation requirements are reduced, commercial 240/240/240 fire rating performance can be achieved on a 210mm footprint and a Rw+Ctr 50 rating can be achieved on a 200mm footprint maximising leasable space for multi-tenanted projects.

Benex being a non-mortar construction system, except for the base course, reduces the bill of materials and waste generated on the site. The product can be laid by numerous trades including carpenters or even semi-skilled labour, increasing flexibility when specific trades are hard to find.


Benex' structural masonry wall system provides a modern architectural look and significantly reduces costs and risks during construction.