Benex Pacific Pty Ltd acknowledges and accepts its obligation to preserve and protect the environment and through its management and staff is dedicated to the implementation of environmentally responsible outcomes in all aspects of the Company’s business.


Benex is also committed to continually working on the carbon content of its products and operations so that it over time it can lessen its footprint on the environment. The standard Benex composite wall system was independently evaluated on a whole of lifecycle* basis against what was assessed by the BCA as standard wall construction method for a range of standard building types and has been shown to have a lower footprint.


Our company’s intent is to manage its business such that its activities have minimal environmental effect on either its projects or the community. Inherent in this philosophy is active waste minimisation schemes including recycling programmes, pollution prevention (including noise) and energy and resource management.


This Policy will be affected through the following:

  • Design of an environmentally sensitive and considered production plant.
  • Iterative management reviews of the success and adequacy of the Policy itself including the implementation of rectification measures if required.
  • Compliance with all relevant Legislation, regulations and Codes of Practice.
  • Working with 'like-minded' Clients, Contractors and Supplier.
  • Identification of project specific environmental risks and the development of appropriate Work Method Statements and Management Plans.
  • Communication of this Policy to the Company’s management, staff and workforce and its Clients, Contractors and Suppliers.