Residential Wall Panel

The Benex Wall Panel System delivers superior results that meet the many ideals of today’s building requirements.


The Benex Wall Panel System is attached to timber or steel battens and these are fixed to the stud wall frames commonly used in residential construction. The only variation is slab setdown to be slightly thinner and steel battons fixed to outside of frames. The battens are screw fixed to the external stud walls that are spaced as required, to provide a secure point of attachment for the top hat battens to which the Benex Panels are fixed. Adhesive is then applied to the top hat batten and the Benex Panels are placed horizontally across the top hats and screw fixed to them. The panels are also glued together with polyurethane adhesive. Once the adhesive has cured, the result is a wall of superior strength and durability. The panels can be installed in a stretcher bond (like normal brickwork) or in an offset bond pattern. The only requirement is for a minimum lap of 200mm. Installed correctly, there is only minimal gap between panels joins and a straight and flat surface becomes clearly evident that becomes the perfect substrate for the application of applied finishes, such as acrylic renders.

Standard Wall Application