Acoustic Performance

Benex’s unique mix which incorporates expanded polystyrene beads has been shown to deliver superior performance when compared to other masonry products.

In 2004, the Building Code of Australia adopted higher standards for sound insulation in buildings. Benex has designed specific wall solutions to meet these standards particularly for sole-occupancy units (class 2) and residences in public buildings (class 3).

Benex wall systems have been independently evaluated in accordance with ISO 140-5 and ISO 717-1 for the measurement of sound insulation and airborne noise in buildings.

Acoustic performance is measured by a rating Rw + Ctr which is used to describe the sound insulation performance, where Rw = The Weighted Sound Reduction Index and Ctr = A correction factor (and is a negative number).

So if a building element has Rw of 55 and a Ctr of -5, its Rw + Ctr will equal 50. The higher the number, the better the performance.