Residential Floor Panel

The Benex Floor Panel System delivers results that meet the acoustic needs of the modern family lifestyle.


The Benex Floor Panel System comprises Benex Panels installed over particleboard sheet flooring to provide a far more solid feel with excellent reduction in noise transmission through the floor. The Benex Floor Panel System also provides excellent thermal insulation. Benex have also developed a composite floor panel that eliminates the need for the particleboard flooring. Due to the relative light weight of the Benex Panels, particleboard 19mm thick, commonly referred to as “yellow tongue” is suitable as a minimum support base for the Benex Panels. With the panels being “glued” over the particleboard an incredibly strong form of construction is achieved. This is a floor that looks, and feels, like a concrete floor, but at a fraction of the cost. Like the wall panel installation, a bond pattern with a minimum of 200mm is recommended to achieve uniform strength. Since Benex panels contain no re-enforcement, cutting to size, or around penetrations and other obstructions is quick and easy, with the use of either a power saw or a masonry handsaw. The accuracy of the Benex Panels enables the laying of floor tiles or carpet, as normal, to a substrate without the need for leveling.

First floor application

Ground floor application