For Engineers

Benex offers a range of high performing structural wall systems for application in residential, commercial and high-rise applications.

Benex excels in the construction of Basement, Intertenancy, Retaining and Fire Wall solutions delivering a lightweight masonry solution that is a heavyweight when it comes to performance. It may be used in unreinforced applications (e.g. internal walls or for well supported external walls); or in reinforced applications when constructed as large panels subjected to relatively high wind or earthquake loads.

Some of the benefits of using Benex are:


  • Benex gives a 4 hour structural fire rating without core-filling.
  • Benex is lightweight and gives you a solid masonry feel.
  • Benex walls can be constructed quickly with small teams and as Benex is impervious to water. No extra water proofing is required.
  • Benex control joints can be placed at a maximum of 8 metres.

There are no limits to what and where you can fix a structural element to a Benex
Wall. By simply strengthening the appropriate area of the Benex Wall with concrete core-fill, you can fix any building element to support roof, floor, wall and other structural components. Benex can also be directly fixed to with tek screws.

The Building with Benex guide provides all relevant information to design compliant, high performing structural wall systems. It provides construction and technical detail and support as well as product performance specifications.