For Architects

Clean, elegant, classic lines of the raw Benex Block can provide a contemporary modern look whilst providing a high performing wall solution.


Benex uses a unique process which embodies polystyrene into a structural block that delivers effective thermal control as well as Rw+Ctr 50 rated acoustic performance. Whilst lightweight, Benex being a hollow block allows for both horizontal and vertical reinforcement which provides flexibility for imaginative design.

The Benex wall provides versatility to choose a finish to match your design requirements.

  • Raw
    Benex has a raw finish offering the choice of a smooth surface or when the product is reversed a unique rough architectural finish. Either face of the Benex Wall System can be used as a finished wall without any additional paints or renders.

  • Render
    Alternately, you can change the exterior look of Benex by simply applying approved Render Finishes or Texture Coatings to match your design requirements. Pre Mixed Acrylic Coatings are ideal for adding your individual touch to a Benex project.

  • Paint
    Benex does not absorb moisture making painting a viable option. Many traditional masonry products absorb moisture making it difficult to paint as moisture can act as a bond breaker over time enabling paint to simply flake off.  Issues such as rising damp and mould forming are also alleviated for this reason.